How To Strategize When Playing Cruel Solitaire

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Have fun with the unusual solitaire game called Cruel Solitaire by learning the strategies when playing it!

At first, did you ever think winning in a Cruel Solitaire is far from possible? Before you even think that you have to remember that careful planning is the key to help you win more with this game. Use the following strategies and success rate will be higher.

Dealing from the Talon

Dealing from the talon may give you the impression that the cards are being randomly shuffled. Remember though that this process just simply redeals the cards such that they are still in the same order once redealing has been done. As an advanced player, this will give you more chances of knowing what will happen next once dealing the talon is done thus increasing your chances of winning.

Using Easy-to-Learn Patterns

When there are 4 cards on each stack to the left of the stack just before the redeal is made, expect that the card found on top will remain on top. Take for instance Stack A and B has 4 cards each while Stack C has 5 cards where the 7 of Hearts is found on top. The situation shows that all stacks placed before the third stack (Stack C) have 4 cards left. Once redeal is made, the 7 of Hearts will still be the top card for Stack C. This situation applies regardless of how many cards are left on Stack C.

When earlier stacks do not contain 4 cards in them and redeal has been done, do not expect that the top card in Stack C will still be the top card after the redeal. For example there are 5 cards in Stack A, then 4 cards in Stack B with Stack C having only 2 cards with the 7 of Hearts on top. Expect that the 7 of Hearts will not be the top card for Stack C once the redeal is done. Being familiar with these patterns will help you win more games for this unusual solitaire.

Moving a Card to the Foundation at the First Chance You Get

It will be better to keep the card but make it a point that you will not place any extra cards to the left of the stack. This will help you redeal with the purpose of exposing new cards thus letting you know that the card will still be alive during the play. Play like this up until you can no longer make any move which will then force you to move the card to the talon. This strategy will keep you playing without necessarily blocking the play. Once you have become familiar with this very basic process then you will be able to increase your chances of winning more games with this unusual solitaire.

General Rules to Help You Win Cruel Solitaire

The following general rules will help increase your chances of winning the game. You can make your own improvements to the game even while decreasing blockages during the game.

  1. Look for the rightmost card which can possibly go on to the foundation.
  2. Make the necessary moves going to the right of the rightmost card while ensuring that you start with the ones of the highest rank.
  3. Redeal
  4. Do number 1

When there are no more possible moves to the right of the card, you can move the card in the stack to the foundation. Redeal once more then go back to number 1 again. When there are no more cards that can be played then you can order all of the cards that you can. Make sure you start with the highest rank ones before you redeal.

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